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Friday, August 31, 2007


The Minion has a mild form of Mysophobia. It started a couple years ago and he is nowhere as manic about it as say, Adrian Monk . I think all of us have something that kicks in the OCD that lurks inside. For me it's putting the dishes exactly where they belong and taking my vitamins in a certain order. When not near soap and water,The Minion uses Purell. He washes his hands before all meals, after using the loo and after coming back home from wherever we may have been. We have Purell in the car, in his backpack, in his lunchbox. At restaurants he washes in the bathroom and then uses the Purell right when the food lands on the table. The up side of this is that he never seems to get ill. Maybe a sniffle in the winter. Never stay-home sick. The whole class could be heaving their little guts up and having The Trots ~ he doesn't catch the bug.

On Tuesday, he will start 4th grade. I took a look on his school's website to get an idea of what his class will be focusing on this year. There it was on the list. Germs. They are doing a unit on germs. To some, knowledge is power, however I believe that once The Minion learns the details of his "mortal enemies" he may want to bathe in Purell daily. I wonder if I should alert his teacher of his issue or just let the school phone me if he falls over in a dead faint.

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Zoely said...

LMAO that's not a bad thing...what's the word for what MY son has, which would be, fear of CLEAN?