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Friday, August 3, 2007

A better way to REALLY wake up

My mother has an early doctor's appointment today, so I set the alarm for 6am. I do not work in the summer. 6am is a late August through May thing for me. This time of year anything before 8am is considered middle-of-the-night. The alarm goes off, filling the bedroom with the screeching sound of the horrible radio station here in town. I slap it off. Roll over and take a big sip from my travel mug of water that lives by our bed. The water seems more solid than usual. I feel something skitter on my tongue and spit out ( all over my library books which litter the floor ) the water and an earwig. Mr. Earwig apparently wanted to take a stroll in my straw. Not wanting to wake my Beloved, I do not gag, retch, scream "EWWWWW!" or even whimper in disgust. I calmly put on my glasses, look for the vile beast, who has high-pincered it away, and go downstairs to pour a cup of coffee. I stuck my tongue into the coffee, willing the heat of it to kill the freaking cooties. What if it was a She...what if it laid eggs...ACK! I have scrubbed the travel mug.

I suppose the good thing about getting up this early today was the Red-tailed Hawk I saw sitting in the birch tree down by the pond, scanning the field for tasty little breakfast morsels. And it's still in the 60's - which will change within the next few hours to the sweltering 90's again today.

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Margaret said...

I do NOT like earwigs, and have been finding them around a lot this summer. (not in my straw though) I was taking a bath and one crawled out of my Poof. That was pretty horrible.