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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Holy Birth Canals, Batman!

I just read this article - and felt my vagina snap shut and lock. The article states she's been pregnant the total of a decade and change. My calculations came to over 12 years. Chris in comparison has been pregnant a total of 5 years and change. Somehow after reading Chris for the past few months, I have never questioned her sanity about her family choices, my thoughts have been things like: "She has 7 children, hey that's neat, wonder what detergent she uses? " and " I wonder if she has a clock like Molly Weasley's in Harry Potter?" However, Mr.and Mrs. Arkansas have me freaked out. And the names all begin with the letter "J". Saves on monogramming I suppose.

I have to clean The Minion's room today. Wonder what goodies I'll unearth...shudder.


Anonymous said...

uhm, yeah, i saw that too...is she flipping nuts? how are they going to pay for college for seventeen kids????

Margaret said...

I think it's selfish to keep having kids. If the idea is to PARENT, there is no way they would have the time or energy for that. What happens is that the older ones help rear the younger ones, and don't even get a choice in the matter.

Leigh said...

I haven't read the link yet, but I know you must be talking about Jim Bob Duggar and the little wifey. They were featured on TLC not too long ago - again. They have a huge dormitory style house they built themselves. Of course if I had that many kids, I'd have a boatload of free labor too.

Something bothers me about having a buddy system, where the older kids are responsible for taking car of the younger kids. It doesn't seem right.