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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to being Mommy

My Minion, who is 10, will be coming home from his 6 week visit to his father's this Wednesday. He has been in Oregon since the end of June. And I have missed him. On occasion. Things I have done since he left: I have read around 30 books ~ including the re-reading of the Old Harry Potter and the New Harry Potter. I have gone to the local Maidenform and spent time choosing items without his complete mortification of being subjected to that type of shopping experience. I have gone to lunch with my girlfriends. I have completely enjoyed my Significant Other in places in our home other than our bedroom. I have watched things other than Spongebob and Scooby-Doo. I have slept late. The bag of Chicken Nuggets has remained untouched in the freezer. Things I haven't done: Cleaned the flaming cesspool of toys and bits that is his bedroom. Last year I cleaned it out the first week he was gone. This year I've left it until the last minute. Will he miss the broken McDonald's toys? The scraps of tissue paper from his birthday? The deflated "Get Well" balloon that was his grandmother's; who graciously gave it to him after she was well? Perhaps. I swear to God, I didn't buy him all that stuff that is upstairs, breeding even as I type. Where does it come from?

So I have decided that in the next 5 days I have to practice my "MomSpeak". Things like " Don't trash the couch!" " Put your shoes where they belong." "Can you please turn that down?" "You just ate 20 minutes ago, have some water." " We have to go to the store if you want to eat later." "No, we cannot go by the Dollar Store." "Okay, but if you get drivethru, that's your lunch." "Yes, I'll watch you play StarWars." " Go outside and play." "Put on your helmet before you even TOUCH that skateboard".

I'm feeling empowered already! I can't wait to have my boy back where I know what he is doing (mostly) 24/7. His dad is a good father, but it's so hard not knowing what is happening. I suppose it is good training for the college years. I just felt more hair go gray. I miss tucking him in and pestering him about brushing his teeth. He's a fun kid and I certainly appreciate being his mother more after we've been apart.

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Leigh said...

Wow, my son is 5 and I experience a lot of those same things, especially the ever growing mound of toys from restaurants. I often think I need to clean out the toys and trash them, but I've never gotten past the thought. I just don't have the tenacity to get in there and do it.

I'm sure you'll be glad to have your son home, there is security in having your kids close, even if you feel comfortable with where they are.