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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Peaceful Day

I didn't have to worry about Mother today as she is back in the original Home. She is so happy to be back there - hopefully she'll remain well and continue to gain ground so she can get back to her actual house in a few weeks.

I am not a huge Madonna fan. I kind of liked her stuff back before the Sex Madonna persona, but then I never really paid that much attention. So, imagine my utter shock when I realized I love, love , love her song Hung Up. Not the video. The song. I think she looks ghastly in the video.

I just read Crooked Little Vein. Extremely funny. I felt deeply twisted when I laughed hysterically at some of the situations. It was a good feeling. Cleansing...it made me feel normal in comparison. If you like Christopher Moore and/or Tom Robbins you will like Warren Ellis.

I finally watched Secretary this afternoon. I freaking loved it. My kind of Cinderella story.

Off to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to The Minion. Gotta get that one done before he can hear Deathly Hallows. His pestering me about who all dies in the last book is getting on my last nerve.

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