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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feel Good Story

There is always so much sad and depressing news everyday, I thought I'd share something good for a change. I've worked with Sara's mother for quite a while and know about the struggles and heartbreak they have been dealing with for the last couple years. It's nice to know there are pockets of generosity and caring out there in the big, bad world.


Zoely said...

nice...they must have done some karmic good somewhere along the way.

Leigh said...

Great story. I don't often watch a lot of tv, but I do like this show Extreme Makeover, it's one of the few reality shows that does something in terms of service to other individuals.

Cat said...

Like Leigh I like extreme makeover too. It's made me have a new found respect for Sears too.

Anonymous said...

I think when it does come on, I'll have someone tape it so we can watch it.