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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Afternoon Photos

We went outside this afternoon and down to the pond, which is the lowest the S.O has ever seen it. We've had ducks hanging out the last few days and The Minion was hoping to sneak up on them, but it was not to be. They are leaving the water as he approaches....which of course you cannot see. He did catch one poor frog.

I tried to figure out how to write something, then post the photo, but all photos are ending up at the top of the entry. Anywho...took some from down at the pond looking back at the houses and barn. Then we went down to the lower lawn by the gate and I took a picture of an old sugaring spout in a huge maple tree...then an upward shot of the maple and the locust next to it. These trees are massive. I wish they could talk. I love history and would time travel if I could back to when this was a working farm. My family has been in VT since the late 1700's, so it's all very dear to me; even though this wasn't my family farm.

Maryam, when The Minion's father and I were divorcing, The Minion and I did live in a barn for 9 months. It was fabulous. I loved that place. I had herbs drying in bunches hanging from the beams and loved every creak on the old floorboards. We heated only by wood and the bathroom had the smallest clawfoot tub - more like a hipbath I guess. I have a soft spot for barns, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

You make it look so pretty. Then I remember it is just around the corner!

Zoely said...

jealous...u trying to get me to move home???

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

It is absolutely stunning! Wow. What a paradise. I love the country:-) And I would happily live in a barn, too:-)