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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flinging The Potholders With Joy

I cannot believe I have never run across this recipe website before now. The beauty of it is that when you click on a recipe, it gives you the option to change the serving size and switch between US and Metric. It converts the amount of ingredients up or down for you. If you want to make say, 5 dozen cookies instead of 2 dozen. Or, in my case, cook two chicken breasts instead of 6. Or make a quart of stew instead of a vat. I have always hated that about cookbooks...since there are only 3 of us, it is very rarely that I cook in bulk. And doing the math to divide spoonfuls of ingredients....well not my strong suit. I am so happy! I may actually enjoy cooking again!

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Zoely said...

LOL you are so funny. I love to cook.
I've been reading more and it's so hard to find books that I don't hate! I'm such a snob when it comes to writing. Feh.