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I am beyond vexed that the lottery has not made me a winner. I am not greedy for millions ~my needs are simple: good books, better wine, and a new vehicle.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Mom and me ~ around 1971
Peter and Me

Me and Daddy ~ I'm two.

Peter, Mark, Daddy and Me! One month old


Felicity said...

Oh, no, now, I thought it was the 26th? Because that time when i got stopped by the police for driving too fast and nearly got a ticket and didn't have a license with me, i pretended i was you, and said my borthday was 11-26.
i stink as a pal, eh?
If I am, indeed, wrong about your birthday, let me grovel and beg for forgiveness and say, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY! Have a great trip around the sun, you beautiful woman, girl, friend!!!

Felicity said...

omg Mark looks exactly the same!!!

Cat said...

Happy Birthday!!

Leigh said...

Cute, cute! I can see a likeness between you and your mom!

Birthday wishes are in order? I must have missed that post, as I have so many other blogs I haven't kept up with.

Happy birthday!