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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Tired Am I?

I know I have no right to bitch about a full week of work in this economy, but after being on the dole for 5 months and reading books all day I have a hard time adjusting. I know this because I just put whole coffee beans in the coffee maker. Bypassing the grinder I'd just plugged in. Fortunately my inner brain caught it before a 6am debacle.

Also, I haven't made the Minion's bed all week. I always make the beds. It drives me nuts to have unmade beds. This morning I went in to wake him up and the quilt that is third down in the layers of blankets was on the floor. How? How did he do that? Soon I know I have to teach him to make his own bed. And just try and ignore the non-hospital corners. It will be difficult.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. I'll be a brunette again...for at least 6 weeks until the roots show. I suppose I'll have to drag the bodybag with the tree up from the basement this weekend. Open a bottle of something and lovingly fluff the artificial branches into Christmasy goodness. Actually the tree doesn't look fake - I think I posted a picture last December. It's a damn fine fakey!

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