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Thursday, October 28, 2010

So The Odd Thing Is..

I bought this David Gray album in 2003 when I left my husband. I liked it. I hated him. I liked that it had nothing to do with him. And up until tonight I have never seen a David Gray video. I had no idea what he looked like. It's been 7 years. David Gray looks British. I guess he is, given the pub and the football/rugby footage. I tried to find a video for "Real Love" which is a great tune even though it has a sappy title. The only one I could find was a creepy family photo montage of {perhaps} residents of the southern part of the USA. So it's "Be Mine" ~ which still has me tapping my toes and shouting "Jumpin'Jesus! Holy Cow!" in the right spot. Still, I am a little confused about the football/rugby. Perhaps Paul the deceased psychic octopus could have explained it. Of course the whole severed head thing is just plain wrong. This coming from the woman who bought Edward Gorey Christmas cards today. I'll link the in studio version as well. No disturbing images. Aside from the homely British man.

These Noon to 9PM shifts have me all half werewolf for half the week. It's almost 12:30 am and I feel it's 7pm. Damn that 7:30 AM schoolbus.

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