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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blessed Alchemy

Scent is a powerful thing. Whenever I smell peppers and onions I remember my Memere's kitchen. When I smell warm, wet wool I think of the Appalachian Trail, when I catch a whiff of Chanel No. 5, I think of my mother. A few months ago I received an email from the woman who owns Pura Vida in Brattleboro. Judia concocts amazing lotions, oils, mists and soaps. Sadly, she was discontinuing one of her more popular fragrances: Mayan Gold. An ingredient was obscenely expensive; she just couldn't brew it up any more. I did not receive this news well. I cried. Then I ordered as many bottles as I could afford and vowed to use it sparingly. Mayan Gold is what I have worn every day for nearly 8 years. It is lush. It would be what K23 smelled like in the Tom Robbins book Jitterbug Perfume. It is something I was loathe to live without. So for the last few months I have been frugally spritzing. The bottles are getting low. Two nights ago I lamented to the S.O that it would soon be gone and I wouldn't smell like myself much longer. I wouldn't feel the same. The Minion wouldn't hug me and sigh "Mommy smell". Then this morning I opened an email from Judia. She is bringing Mayan Gold back. Of course it could be that I had only been awake for 10 minutes, but I burst into tears. I am simply giddy with happiness. Obviously, since I'm attempting to share the joy here. It's not just that I feel like I got an early holiday gift, I'm trying to understand why I feel so invested in this scent and why it has triggered in me such a range of emotions.Will I hoard bottles of it now as a just-in-case measure? Is every memory from the last 8 years tied up in that blue bottle with the golden flower? Would I have saved the last drops just to uncap it occasionally and breathe those memories in?

Judia's website : www.vermontoils.com

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