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Friday, October 1, 2010

Decor For The Acutely Morbid

I was a morbid child. I cut my teeth on Charles Addams and Edward Gorey. I saved my baby teeth because I had dreams of making them into a necklace. I suppose my parents figured that if I wasn't mutilating the chickens, horses or dog I was "okay".

We live in an area where there are woodland and farm creatures. These critters die of natural causes or maybe..most likely.. not, and there are a lucky few who find the picked clean remains. That would be us. Not only do we have your basic animals expiring we have a cow graveyard way up in the woods. The coyotes drag the snacky bits around and on our walks we tend to find them. And then we bring them home. Some people collect leaves or flowers. We get all in a tither about bones. The collection isn't vast, but it's growing. The Minion and S.O have brought home the lower jaw of a beaver ( in the bay window next to the miniature rose plants ),a spike-horn skull ( in the whiskey barrel planter with the Chinese forget-me-not ), a second deer skull sans antlers ( in the other whiskey barrel with the chives...don't eat at our house ) and just last week while I was a work:the most fabulous cow femur.

My first thought on the femur was: "How can I make this work? It's too big for inside the house." My second was: "This is not normal...who decorates with de-fleshed bones?" My third was: " The S.O must really think I'm a ghoul." So for the time being, the femur is out with the deer skulls...right where the S.O dropped it. With winter coming I feel I should bring the skulls and leg inside, I just don't know where to put them. And I think the S.O may object. His ability to humor me only goes so far. I'm thinking if I re-arrange the Minion's room ...he does have an alligator head and caribou antler ( see Christmas picture post from 2007 ) motif going...it could work. I could even display the Minion's baby teeth~ he's saved all his too. It must be genetic.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your writing...I tried to get Caity to guess who the writer was and she said "J K Rowling"....

Leigh said...

Hmm, that's definitely a bit different as far as decorating. I believe I remember the picture with your son and the antlers.

Just now seeing your e-mail, been in Florida florida for the last week having a ball. Glad you are writing!