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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Letter To My Ex-Husband's Pastor

I'm going to nail the ex's financially stupid ass to the wall; but I thought I'd try the nice way first.

Pastor Xxx,

I am the ex-wife and mother to your parishioner Gary Xxxxxxxxx's son. I am writing to you because I want to try any avenue before taking Gary back to court in order to petition for child support. When Gary and I divorced and he was moving to Oregon I did not specify in our divorce agreement for child support. I knew what a vulnerable state he was in and was starting over in a place where he did not have employment. We verbally agreed for him to send whatever he could monetarily in order for me to provide for our child. In hindsight, I realize what a monumental mistake it was on my part not to have an order of child support included as part of the divorce agreement.

In the 3 years since our divorce I can count on one hand how often Gary has sent money in order for me to feed, clothe and care for our son. I have asked him repeatedly in the last few months for any amount he can send. He says he will; I have yet to receive a check. I know he quit his job recently. I hope he finds employment soon. However, no matter his circumstances, I will be moving ahead with legal action because my own circumstances make it necessary.

Gary needs to be responsible and as his Pastor perhaps you could find a way to point this out to him.


Xxxxx Xxxxxxx


Cat said...

Good for you. Sometimes doing the nice thing isn't the same as doing the right thing. Minion's father has a responsibility. I know from a cousin that OR is tough on deadbeat dads. You get pulled over for a traffic offense and are in the database as missing child support, you go to jail.

Leigh said...

I agree it is a good thing to go after the child support. Sometimes folks need to have something behind them, like the threat of the law, to make them do the right thing. I wonder though if the pastor will feel comfortable making a plea to him?