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Friday, September 19, 2008

And Today's Bible Lesson Is.....

My ex-husband, the Minion's father is a born again, tongue speaking Pentecostal. This is just in the last 10 months. Before that he was a guy that wore leathers, drank beer ( to excess ), spent free time on internet porn sites and watched NASCAR. Of these past behaviors, I'm fairly certain he still watches the cars go around and around.

When he and the Minion speak the conversations lately have centered on church, Bible verses, and saving Minion's 11 year old soul, etc. Tonight he told our son that if he lies or disobeys his parents he will go to Hell.

I assured The Minion that although God, Allah, Buddha or whomever certainly frowns on such behavior, if the "sinner" is truly contrite and says they are sorry, forgiveness happens.

Now, how can I tell my ex-husband to cut the apocalyptic shit and keep his fire and brimstone ravings to himself. Cause it takes every ounce of self control not to speak to that man in a hostile way. Not to mention he thinks the sun shines out of the McCain / Palin ticket's ass.

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Leigh said...

Your ex sounds like one of those folks that gets deeply involved in things, overly involved.

This is a touchy subject, I would almost be scared to say something, BUT, it sounds like he may be saying some things to your son that could confuse him. I suspect you may need to chew him a new one, you have the upperhand - you have custody, he's a million miles away, and he can't just hop in the car and drive right over. Yep, a good chewing is probably in order. And some threats as well - you know the kind where you say things like you're going to cut back on communication?

I hope this works out for you. I think religion is important, but certainly not to the point of making one feel guilty or just downright literal fire and brimstone interpretation of the Bible, that's wrong. In the long run it may just turn him against any kind of religion, take it from someone who spent way too many years down on her knees saying the Rosary.