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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Most Wonderful Place On Earth

It was suggested by a dear friend that I start to write regularly again. I have missed being snarky and will make an effort to update more than once every 8 months.

I cleaned out my office at Stratton today. After 17 years I've decided to simplify. My commute will now be 3 miles of flat road, not 18 uphill and down, with 4 different types of weather on those January days I wish I were living on Fiji. I am..again..a bookseller here. The Bookstore was my first job as a sophomore in high school, back when it was a very small store and across the street from where it now lives. I was saving money for an exchange to Germany and continued working there for 5 years. It was a good fit then and an even better one now. I feel like a chocoholic in a candy store. I like what I do. I get surges of happiness while shelving books in my sections...you know that feeling when you were first in love and out of the blue you'd feel all tingly and giggly? This happens to me now. Running my fingers over spines, my eyes absorbing outstanding covers...the scent of freshly printed ideas.

Of course it isn't without its challenges...example: " I heard about this book on NPR the other day, and I don't remember the author, but the title had "The" in it and it was about Japanese prison camps..I think. Do you have this book?" Google is a friend.

I have yet to eat or drink from our apparently amazing cafe, but I hear the coffee is terrific. We have author events...I just swooned...did you all feel that swoon? I am happy and content and the employee discount doesn't hurt either.

Next time: How The Minion Survived His 6 Week Visit With His "Born-Again" Dad. Yes...there is a back-lit bust of Jesus whose eyes follow you across the room.


Catherine said...

the job sounds heavenly! congrats on finding a job that feeds your soul

Leigh said...

Sounds like you've found something you really enjoy, I could tell that while reading your post.

I think most of us are not that lucky to spend our days working at something we really love. Congrats!

I've kind of stopped writing. "Kind of" would actually be a lie I think. I still read though : ) and I still take lots of pictures. Welcome back.