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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She Says She Was "Surprised".

Knocked up again.

There wouldn't be a surprise if you stop humping like rabid weasels. Or wrap that bad boy. Or get a freaking IUD. But apparently the adherents of the QuiverFull brand of religion do not encourage family planning. Carbon footprint? Carbon freaking stampede.


Cat said...

I didn't even have to follow your links to know what you were talking about. I think she's surprised because she actually rolls her uterus up I side her underwear - holy hell, how can it support another baby?

Leigh said...

That was an interesting link you provided. I would have been surprised if she didn't have any more. Jim Bob obviously likes sex as much as he likes hair spray. There is something creepy about this family. The all dress alike and all the boys have "Jim Bob" haircuts. It's just strange.