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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anonymous Thoughts on the Sarah Palin Resignation

I came across this gem while reading comments on themudflats.net.

" i don’t know how you alaskans dealt with her before McCain put her on the map. all i know is that i am so so sorry that you were forced to endure her reign; it must have been like being led by a muppet. a corrupt muppet. in evil high heels. "

Corrupt muppets in evil high heels. This person is quite possibly my soulmate.


Barton D. Goodeve said...
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Barton D. Goodeve said...

Well now, isn't this interesting. I actually watched Sarah resign last night, a truly stirring speech...for someone taking office - more than passingly odd for someone leaving. There is a surfeit of talent among Conservatives of those who can disconnect the dots.

Nice to find this place. I'll look forward to returning.