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Monday, March 31, 2008


For the 3 or possibly 4 people who read me, I have one word to say. And that word is: Eldercare. It sucks at your soul. It makes you realize that yes, payback truly is a bitch. But, the Ancient One has another new hip, is out of hip rehab and home. MD appts. are at an all time low - next one in a week and a half. I need a freaking vacation. Alone. Or with a massage therapist and a bartender.

Spring is almost sprung. My daffodils are emerging. My job is almost at an end - another three weeks; then I am free from the bonds of a time clock for 5 months. It's so nice to know that. I like ramen noodles. Which is a good thing, cause round about September the coffers are low.

Latest infatuation: The Tudors. Who knew Henry VIII could be sexy and not the gout riddled, obese, nasty specimen I learned about in history class. And me being me, and not wanting to seem like I really like the bodice tearing, forest shagging, heretic burning, deceit laden court on the small screen; I took Six Wives out of the library. Readable history. Of course since I don't have TV, I have to wait for season two to come out on DVD like 9 months from now. Beheadings for the holidays. Who could ask for anything more?

And finally. Obama. When I voted in our primary and he took VT I was so incredibly happy to have been a part of history.


Felicity said...

well! i'm GLAD you posted. I want your job...I wanna be off all summer.

Cat said...

I was wondering if your fingers had frozen solid and you were unable to post since you never said the heat came back on at work :) I too am envious of your time-off. Glad you're back - see you more in the coming months.

Leigh said...

I ran across this article today while doing some research and thought of you. I felt compelled to share after reading about the bat incident. We take bats and ginsinging very seriously in this part of the country.

Reward Offered for Information Leading to Conviction in Killing of Rare Bats

A $4,700 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for killing more than 100 federally endangered Indiana bats at a state park in late October.

A number of wildlife conservation organizations, cavers, environmental consultants and others have pooled their money to offer the reward.
Traci Hemberger, endangered species biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, noted that a $500 reward offered in a similar 1987 case led to the convictions of four men. “We’re hoping that this reward will lead to a breakthrough in the Carter Caves case,” she said.

Hemberger said a number of organizations, starting with Bat Conservation International, began raising money for the reward after word spread about the bat killings. “There’s been an outpouring of support from the bat and caving communities,” she said. “It is inspiring to see everyone banding together.”

Jim Kennedy, cave resources specialist for Bat Conservation International, said cases of bat killings such as the Carter Caves incident are rare. “We definitely would like to resolve this problem, and we also want to draw attention to the bigger need for bat protection,” he said.

“Everybody is disgusted with the killings,” Hemberger said. “It’s hard to believe someone would do something like this.”