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Friday, January 4, 2008

If she asked me for advice....

I would tell her to buy a place in her home state - (is it Louisiana?).Try like Hell to stay away from everyone who is a terrible influence ~ and I think that is most of her family as well~ and simply attempt to raise her boys. Why do I even bother reading about it? Because on a mom level, I too would resist giving up my child(ren) when I wanted more time with them? Assuming that was the reason for this latest debacle. Perhaps Ms. B. might do well to see the tragic pictures of babies and children stacked like cordwood in a morgue in Kenya. It might help her put it all into perspective in order for her to get it together so she can hug her babies anytime she wants. As the old saying goes, she made her bed, now she has to lay in it.


Cat said...

You're right. But first she needs a mental evaluation and probably some treatment for her (apparent) instability. And then, she needs to obey the court order and get some parenting help. I'm sure there are tons of non-Hollywood nannies out there that can be an asset to her family. Not her BFF, but someone to help her take care of her kids.

Zoely said...

i don't follow this particular train wreck all that closely but i'm with you on the mom level...it's cellular or something..how can you NOT feel for a fellow mom? yet one has to wonder...i had to take parenting classes too relative to Pip's issues and i found it very enlightening and learned tactics that i am now using with Fin.