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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Murphy's Law

It's been that kind of week ...and it's only Tuesday. I think I have Pink Eye. All the years I worked in childcare, I never caught it; but the crusted shut, red, goopy eyeball this morning makes me think my run has come to an end. It doesn't itch though. But I have had a cold for the last couple days. Fortunately, The Minion has his well-child appointment today, I've have Dr. L. take a look; not that she'll miss it by a mile, as I appear deformed. I have been sucking on Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges and I swear by them. Apparently zinc is a cold germ's worst nightmare. If it is Pink Eye I guess I'll have to throw out my contact lenses. They were my last pair. I'll be stuck wearing the glasses till I can afford to buy new contacts. Which will be sometime in December. Which will really end up being January cause, hey, The Holidays. Maybe Santa or Hanukkah Harry will give me a check to buy lenses.

I started work yesterday. A half day, as mother had an MD appointment; which had been switched to Wednesday. Which nobody told us about. So that was a small eff-up. I really enjoy my job. But I really hate to work. Too bad I can't just work on the days I feel like it. After 5 months off it felt good to do what I do. But I was pining for my freedom at the same time. Lottery. Yes, that is the answer.

I finished the Severed Head that is The Minion's Halloween costume accessory. Using what we already had on hand: A mask, a wig, a plastic bag filled with packing peanuts for stuffing, and a bit of rope sewn into the scalp for holding purposes and voila! A photo will follow. Had to put it in his closet for the night, he didn't want it hanging on his doorknob illuminated by his nightlight.

I had more to impart, but I have no freaking clue what it was. Will put some pretty tree pictures up at some point.

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